Being forced to solve the Rubix Cube

My 3-year old son is mad at me.


Because I can’t solve the Rubix Cube.

He keeps handing it to me and just expects me to make all the sides match.

I tell him I don’t know how, and he screams.

I try messing with it for a bit (praying he’ll lose interest), and he screams.

I manage to get 1 side almost complete, and he screams.

I admit…

I just can’t do it.

(and I just want to scream!)

My older son suggested there must be a YouTube video showing how (yes, the next generation is very resourceful like that…)

I looked, and there are a ton of videos.

But I can’t find one that makes sense to me.

No one explains it right.

At least not for me.

Which reminds me of when I got started in real estate investing.

There were a TON of different “gurus”, both on-line and off-line, all claiming they had the best system.

The problem was I didn’t find any of their “systems” to actually be systematic.

So I floated along losing faith, and losing money.

It was like a real-life Rubix Cube trying to figure out what I needed to do for marketing.

It was like a real-life Rubix Cube trying to figure out how I needed to negotiate.

It was like a real-life Rubix Cube trying to figure out which contracts to use to protect myself properly.

At a certainty point I just wanted to throw my hands up and admit defeat.

But luckily I didn’t.

I found a way to make it all make sense.

And now that is exactly what I teach to people who want to learn.

It’s like taking my revenge on the Cube to break it down simply and elegantly for people who want to learn.

Sweet revenge for me.

Quite profitable for you.

My 1-day “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator” Masterclass THIS Saturday September 8th is the last one I’m doing in DC this calendar year.

So get your ticket now.

Solve the real estate Rubix Cube here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors