Rome was built

Rome was built.

It wasn’t built in a day, but it was indeed built.

Other cultures just hunted and survived one kill at a time or one batch of berries at a time. They kept to themselves, within their territories, and just tried to protect themselves from what bad things might happen to them.

But the Romans built.


And became an Empire.

By going beyond their boundaries.

With focus and determination.

And so it is with building a business.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes some time.

And it isn’t about just focusing on the day-to-day hunting and gathering activities.

That keeps you going, but doesn’t get you ahead.

To really get ahead you need to start billing your own empire.

* That means having a plan.

* Having clearly defined goals.

* Putting solid systems in place.

* Being consistent.

* And yes, doing the WORK that needs to be done.

When you dig in, you’ll find it enjoyable.

Especially as the profits pile up and your lifestyle grows handsomely.

Now you just need to get started.

Because Rome wasn’t built in just a day.

And neither will your real estate investing empire, Julius.

So get started here:

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