“Dear Tom” It’s about Robyn.

Like “Dear Abby” I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our events with Robyn Thompson next week, so I’ll answer them here for everyone’s benefit. (Does that make me “Dear Tom”?)

Q: I’ve seen Robyn before, will anything new be covered?

A: 2-part answer:

#1 — Yes, she always has new lessons.

#2 — Even if you’ve seen her before, you should see her again anyway. She always adds new stuff, but even if some is a repeat you’ll hear it differently this time and it will affect you differently.


Because you are different now. You are further ahead than you were last time, you are different now than then, and you will catch different things and different things will mean more to you now than they did before.

(It’s like reading the same book for a 2nd or 3rd time. You get something different out of the experience because you are in a different place now that you were when you first read it. — There are actually 3 business books that I re-read on an annual basis. And every time I pick up something “new”. How is that possible? The same thing applies here.)


Q: Robyn is “The Queen of Rehab” so is this only right for rehabbers?

A: Any type of real estate investor will benefit.

Rehabbers, Wholesalers, Buy-and-Hold Landlords all will learn how to maximize the various areas of all their businesses.

Her training on “How to Build a Massive Passive Real Estate Wealth Portfolio” training is the key to the buy-and-hold element of your portfolio, which is the wealth going forward.


Q: Why should I give up my weekend?

A: Simple. A small sacrifice for “giving up” one weekend now makes every day into a weekend. Which would you rather have: one weekend a week, or everyday a weekend?

That’s an easy answer for me.



Q: Why is it 2-days long?

A: Because she’s doing 2 different training events back-to-back. (That’s why we’re calling it a doubleheader.)

You can attend either day alone, or both (and get a discount on both).

Full details at https://TractionREIA.com/robyn


Q: I haven’t done a deal yet so I don’t really have a business, so why should I go?

A: What better time is there to start building your business right, than right at the beginning?

You’re actually in a really good place because you won’t have to undo bad habits that you formed over time.


Q: I’ve been doing this a long time, and I know what I’m doing, so why should I go?

A: Any real estate investing business can improve on its focus and become more profitable by re-thinking what it is currently doing. Why wouldn’t you want to improve your business even beyond what it is today? Taking a bit of time to step back and evaluate is a VERY powerful activity.

From what I’ve seen, rehabbers need help with buy-and-hold, and buy-and-hold investors need help with rehabbing.

And both can improve what they are already doing in ways they haven’t thought of yet.


Q: Tom, you seem impressed by Robyn and what she offers. Why? What can I expect to gain?

A: Robyn will show you how she runs her business and why she is successful.

And yes, I am impressed by her horse ranch and her lifestyle because isn’t that what a well-run entrepreneurial real estate business should be all about?


Q: What’s the difference between the Saturday training and the Sunday training? And do I need to be at both or is just one sufficient?

A: Be at both.

Here’s why:

The Saturday training is focused on “Turning Houses Needing Rehab Into Pots of Gold”. If you have any interest in rehabbing houses, rookie or experienced, you will learn a ton to benefit you at this event. (Robyn said she will spend a lot of time on retail buyer psychology and how she uses it to tailor her renovations to maximize her profit margins.)

More Saturday info:

The Sunday training is focused on “How to Build a Massive Passive Real Estate Wealth Portfolio”.

It will show you which properties are “keepers” and should be added to your buy-and-hold portfolio that cashflows and produces wealth through the years. This will grow, last, and sustain you and your family over time.

More Sunday info:


Q: I’m just interested in wholesaling. Is there any reason for me to go?

A: If you want to “just wholesale” you should be there too, since as a wholesaler you need to get inside of the mind of your buyers, and your buyers are rehabbers and buy-and-hold landlords. So the more you learn about rehabbing and buy-and-holds, the better wholesaler you become.


And I’ll mention the fabulous bonus package as well:

Attend on Thursday evening July 26th ( RSVP: https://TractionREIA.com/events/july2018 ) and you’ll get:
A. “How to buy winning properties and avoid the losers” Audio Training

Attend “Turning Houses Needing Rehab Into Pots of Gold” on Saturday July 28th, and you’ll get 2 bonuses:
A. “Baby steps to building wealth” Audio Training.
B. Robyn’s SKU list of the products, materials & finishes that she uses to get top-dollar for her properties

Attend “How to Build a Massive Passive Real Estate Portfolio” on Sunday July 29th, and you’ll get:
A. Robyn’s buy-and-hold profit tracking spreadsheets

** Come both days, and you’ll get all.
(You can attend either day or both.)

Get all the details and lock in your seat here:
(seats are going fast)

Tom Zeeb

Traction REIA:
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