Reverse Skydiving

The anticipation.

The unknown.

The exhilaration.

The memories.

People like the thrill of skydiving because they want to experience that full-on feeling of being alive that they can’t get anywhere else.


They’re flat-out horrified of it and would never do it.

Which are you?

And which are you in business?

Are you the type to venture forth and start an entrepreneurial real estate business of your own where it is make or break?

Or are you the kind to just stay with the trusty old ‘safe-and-secure’ job?

Many people won’t make the jump.


* they can’t clearly see the outcome
* they are afraid of the unknown
* they don’t know what to do first (or even next)
* they have no clue as to what the overall process is
* they have no on-going guidance
* they are scared of crashing to the ground broke and penniless from the experience
* And the list goes on & on…

When I help students define what their rapid cash generation business needs to be, we start with the end in mind. Then we work backwards through the process.

So it’s more like reverse skydiving.

You feel the security of both feet on the ground after a successful finish, then you learn what each step of the process entails, requires, and feels like.

Remember, you skydive in tandem the first time.

That means you are strapped to someone else who has done it before and knows what they are doing.

That’s how you learn to do what you are doing too.

My 1-day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass is like jumping in tandem.

You’ll see the whole process.

Know what it takes.

How it feels.

And what you need to do to succeed.

Then you’ll know if you want to do it again.

And again.

And again.

Grab your parachute and take the plunge here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors