Take this test to see if you’re a winner or a loser in retirement

If you want to RETIRE someday — and think you’ve got the stomach for it — take this test:

Honestly state what your answer would be to each “winner/loser” scenario.

This will bring to the surface what your current beliefs are about retirement and real estate investing.

If you get too many (or ANY) “loser” answers, don’t worry.

We can fix the issues fast.

Just change your wicked ways by doing what the winner would do, and then watch the money roll in and the freedom roll out as you secure a fabulous (and well-deserved) retirement.

Let’s do it:

— The loser says “someday I’ll start planning for my retirement, but no rush as it’s a long way off.”
— The winner says “I need to start planning for my retirement now, as the power of time will make everything easier.”

— The loser says “I’m too young to worry about retirement already.”
— The winner says “I know that if I start now, I’ll have tons of options of when and how to retire on my own terms.”

— The loser says “It’s too late, it’s no use, I should have started saving for retirement a long time ago and now I’m screwed.”
— The winner says “It’s late in the game, but there are easy methods to build up a retirement account fast and correct my mistake of starting too late, as long as I start now!”

— The loser says “The people at my job said retirement is all about playing the stock market with my 401(k), and now I have very little left after the yet-again last big unpredictable dip.”
— The winner says “The right people know that there are other ways to invest for retirement — like in real estate — but only certain retirement account companies are equipped to actually handle these transactions.”

— The loser says “You can’t flip a house in a retirement account.”
— The winner says “I’m making a ton flipping houses in my Self-Directed IRA and it’s all tax free too.”

— The loser says “I’d build up a self-directed retirement account, but I don’t want to wait until I’m 59 years old to withdraw, I need the money now!”
— The winner says “I found a way to do deals in self-directed retirement accounts and to get the money now at any age (and it’s all tax free!)”

— The loser says “But doing real estate deals inside your IRA doesn’t sound legal.”
— The winner says “Happily, the IRS allows for it, you just have to have an IRA provider who knows — and follows — IRS rules: IRC 4975 & IRC 408.”

— The loser says “Retirement accounts are too expensive to maintain, I’ll just work until the day I die.”
— The winner says “You actually instantly save money with a self-directed IRA and the savings alone is like cutting any fees at least in half.”

— The loser says “Self-directed retirement accounts sound complicated and time-consuming and I can’t’ be bothered to learn them.”
— The winner says “It’s actually simple in just 3 steps if I invest just a few hours on a Saturday with the right expert, I can figure this out fast, shave years off the learning curve, and reap the benefits for many years to come.”

Ok, enough.
Tally up your scores.

How many times have you thought like the loser?

Be honest.

Now go change what needs changing.

And then, get the specific advice and support you need to start doing profitable real estate deals inside of your Self-Directed Retirement Account.

Ready to make it happen?

Get the help you need next week at Traction REIA on Thursday June 8th and for a full-day in-depth training on Saturday the 10th:



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