TONIGHT: Let Uncle Sam fill your rentals (better than Section 8)

There aren’t many times I’d say “Let the government do it.”

However, if you can triple your rental income by effectively being a landlord for the government, and NOT have to deal with Section 8, then I’m interested.

It’s common knowledge that our Government’s “budget” is a mess.

But I’m sure you’d be surprised to know that there was an increase in government funds granting $91.9 million that can be used to invest in real estate that match specific criteria. This money is available for people like you.

This is a giant freebie you can claim to rent properties in a unique niche of real estate investing that no one talks about. This is a secret sweet spot for investors today to build long-term cash flow and wealth backed by the government.

This is NOT Section 8.

These are nice properties with responsible tenants.

PLUS, you won’t be dealing with maintenance, repairs or tenant phone calls.

Very few investors know about this “loophole”, and even fewer capitalize on the opportunity.

Nick Sidoti AKA “Dr. Cashflow” specializes in this niche.

He’s uncovered this method that gets you THREE times the market rent guaranteed, and checks mailed to you the first of each month from government agencies for the rest of your life without Section 8.

What’s even more interesting about his proprietary strategy is that…

* This is virtually an unknown, unheard of strategy.
* You do not need to own any properties to make money with this.
* You get paid rents 2 – 4 times above market value on the first of each month. (Backed by the government.)
* You get paid on “forced” rent increases… automatically.
* There are no maintenance or repairs required on these properties. (The government agencies take care of this for you.)
* Your tenants are higher quality, friendly, deserving people who appreciate and respect you and your properties.
* There are no evictions and no vacancies. (The government makes sure your properties are always rented for above market value.)
* You will have more control over your income with guaranteed checks that you receive the first of every month like clockwork.
* No tenant phone calls! You do not need to talk to anyone. (In fact, a government agency computer automatically generates your rent check each month.)

And with this amazing strategy you do NOT need your own money, crwdit, experience, a license or any other special requirements.  You can start immediately and collect government-backed cash flow checks and build wealth using available grant money.

Nick Sidoti AKA “Dr. Cashflow” will show you how at his ONE-TIME appearance TONIGHT.

Join us TONIGHT Thursday July 15th at Traction REIA live & IN-PERSON.

Nick is only here for Thursday July 15th (there’s no Saturday training) so clear your calendar and be there.

Click here to RSVP (no charge for all as a welcome back gift)

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