My definitive guide to champagne tastes on a beer budget

Let me tell you a story.

Back in my days in India trying to build a furniture importing business (which I failed miserably at!)

I was in a “factory”.

Various dirt-poor Indians were banging away with crude hammers and tools.

As he walked me around, the upper class and rather full-of-himself owner of the place proudly told me all the big name international stores that he made products for.

The names ranged from the very high-end well-known stores that we all know, to some obscure names of inexpensive brands.

But the stuff was all the same.

The exact SAME.

It came from the same factory.

Made by the same hands.

But they just slapped a different label on it for the different retail stores.

One label people would pay handsomely for.

The other labels barely would get noticed, much less get a premium paid for them.

But they were the same.

I’ve noticed this with many things over the years.

People pay for brands.

I get that.

They go for the prestige of a well-known label.

I get that.

But I also get that it is effectively all the same in the end.

So I focus on the:
* look,
* style, and
* actual quality,
more than just the label.

If it has the look, style, and quality I want… then the label doesn’t matter to me.

And translated to my real estate rehabs, it is the look, style, and actual quality that really count.

NOT the label.

When someone shopping for a beautiful new home walks in and is stunned by my design, that’s what I’m after.

When they marvel at how high-end the finishes look, that’s what I’m after.

When they instantly decide that my place is the only one they want to buy, that’s what I’m after.

That’s the power of having the right “look”.

You can get “the look” without the absurd price.

Do it right and you get top-dollar, without having spent top-dollar.

That’s what generates tons of extra profit for me.

And it will for you too.

On May 15th, 16th, & 17th, my Rapid Cash Generation bootcamp attendees will be receiving a very special bonus from me:

My “crib sheet” on how to pull off a high-end look without paying high-end prices.

It’s the definitive guide to champagne tastes on a beer budget.

How to catch the eye and hold the interest of buyers.

Use the finishes I recommend, and some simple techniques I’ll show you, and you will satisfy the design demands of the next round of people who are now buying houses.

The more you impress them, the more you make.

The faster you sell the property, the more you make.

You just need to know how.

This bonus will show you.

Then you can buy all the champaign you want.

But the only way to get it is to attend my bootcamp. It isn’t sold separately.

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Tom Zeeb
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