7 reasons you failed at the last 3 real estate courses

Yesterday we rapped about how easy it is to get distracted.

* Distracted from your mission.
* Distracted by inferior programs & offers.
* Distracted by all the bright shiny objects out there.

Distraction leads to failure.

So why have you previously failed at the last 3 real estate courses you tried?

Here are the 7 main reasons:

#1. The system is junk and never would have worked.
(It was simply snake oil and you fell for the pitch of a brilliant salesman.)

#2. The technique wasn’t right for your market.
(Not everything works all the time. And the technique didn’t match what was actually occurring where you live.)

#3. The technique wasn’t right for you & your personality.
(You simply don’t have the personality to door knock endlessly or face 1,000 rejections on the phone, for example.)

#4. You quit too early.
(1 round of mailings wasn’t enough. And you only sent 30 anyway. So the volume needed to be statistically significant never actually occurred, and there was zero repetition.)

#5. The first lead didn’t work out, so you ran away scared.
(Rejection stinks. (just ask any junior high boy…) But you can’t run and hide. And you can’t expect every lead to say ‘Yes!’. It will take some perseverance and *gasp* WORK to get there.)

#6. You ran out of money.
(Marketing isn’t free. You will need to invest in it. So if you’ve already blown your life savings just to join an insanely expensive coaching program ($35K+!) then you have nothing left to actually invest in getting the business moving properly.)

#7. You simply didn’t implement.
(The system may have worked, but you didn’t stick with it.)

What did I miss?
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