Mine’s bigger

“I’ve done hundreds of deals.”

“I make more money than anyone I know.”

“I’m the biggest (fill in the blank) in the area.”

I laugh when I hear comments like these.

Especially when it’s the first thing out of someone’s mouth then they speak to me.

It’s always a sure sign they are NOT a player.

But I love me a braggart.


Because they’re amusing.

All hat and no cattle.

And drunk on their own Kool-Aid.

Constantly telling you “Mine’s Bigger”.

Perhaps true.

But it also doesn’t work as well.

And it doesn’t produce results.

So what are they bragging about then?

It’s not really impressive if the results are fake (or just self-imagined braggadocio).

So here’s what I’ve noticed:
The biggest braggarts are ALWAYS full of it.

While real leaders operate with a calm confidence.

Real leaders don’t brag about their accomplishments publically.

(And they don’t feel the urge to either.)

They’re too busy being truly successful.

Think about it.

You’ll see the pattern.

And now you’ll be on guard for it.

What’s this got to do with business?


It’s a serious lesson well worth learning,

Because you need to learn how to size people up at a glance.

Separate the men from the boys.

The real players from the empty braggarts.

Simply put: Beware of anyone telling you how great they are. Because they usually are not (especially if it’s how they lead off a conversation).

So learn to hone your instinct and intuition about people.

Then it won’t lead you wrong.

As for the “how to’s'” of truly making real estate deals on your own…

That’s where my mentoring program comes in.

No, it’s not cheap.

And it’s not for the empty braggarts.

But if you are grounded in reality and want to build a business that really works for you and your family, then I can definitely help you.

But I don’t take just anyone, as my time is limited and valuable, so you need to qualify first by doing a Strategy Session.

Details at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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