Ain’t nothin’ but a pitch fest

A newer reader emails me:
“Tom, All you do is pitch. I thought I would get daily lessons.”


I get basically this same comment from a different person every few months.

It amuses me because it’s so easy to prove them wrong.

So here goes…

A quick review of my last 6 messages and the lesson taught in each.

1. Doing it on the first date

Admittedly a punchy subject line (just the way I like them). The lesson was that you should find out and properly get to know any coaching program before signing up. (Same goes for any type of business relationship.)

2.  The Self Preservation Society

The lesson: a deal isn’t done until the check is in the bank. So much can go wrong at any time to kill your deal, so you have to be eternally vigilant. Don’t celebrate until it is truly complete.

3. No plan survives contact with the enemy

The lesson: Being in business isn’t as simple as just painting by number. Markets change, people change, laws & regulations change. Things just change. Especially when you get to the point where the rubber meets the road. So you need to recognize the changes and adapt yourself and your business to them.

4. The Winner or the Loser?

The lesson: Everyone makes a choice how to be, and that determines how much success you achieve. There are clear differences between winners and losers. This message points out some of them.

5. Why the grass is greener over yonder…

The lesson: When you are jealous of someone else for their success, realize that they did the work that it took to get the deal. They didn’t neglect their lawn and then wonder why it isn’t green. They focused on making theirs better by watering and fertilizing. You need to do the same to get the same results.

6. Cooling out the newbies

The lesson: The world is unfortunately filled with scams and scam artists. You can’t change this, but you can recognize this and then make better choices. Know when you’re being played.

(And politics is no different for that matter: just look at how many scams the voters have fallen for. Things don’t get delivered as promised. And were probably never meant to be as promised…)

So yes, each one of my messages has a valuable lesson.

And I obviously do like to have fun with my messages.

It makes it better than all the empty hype and boring junk out there.

If you like boring hype, read emails from all the other lists you are on.

But if you like value, and like being entertained in the process, then my messages are perfect for you.

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Tom Zeeb
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