Giving you a nerdgasm

[There’s a downloadable gift for you below.]

I received this great question about learning the lingo of the business…

“Tom, often times I heard words tossed around that I just don’t understand the meaning of. I don’t want to show my inexperience, but I don’t know what people are talking about when the terms get technical to the real estate business. What should I do? Please help!”

That’s actually a very good question.

To learn something you should immerse yourself in the lingo.

Learning and knowing the terms used in your business is important.

Get your words right, and it makes understanding what’s happening so much easier.

You just need to have it all demystified.

Newbies may not know the terms.

And advanced investors often need a quick reference to be sure.

So there’s something that I have that will make it all easier. And I’m giving it to you as a gift.

It’s a glossary of real estate terms.

(What an exciting read, I know.)

Glossy and slick?


Boring and stale?


You’ll probably read it to fall asleep at night.

But it’ll be there when you need it, when you get thrown a curve ball term that you don’t understand.

So download it now and put it somewhere safe.

And then you’ll see the value to this nerdy gift.

Download it here (no charge, it’s my gift to you):
Real Estate Terms Glossary

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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