First job: build it, Next job: destroy it.

A bloke I was talking to here “down under” told me a story about his father who served in WW2.

He said his first job was to build the harbour in Rangoon, Burma.

Then his second job was to destroy it.

Things changed.

And so the harbour needed to go.

Even after all that hard work.

He said his dad had mixed feelings about it after all that hard work, but he knew that one needs to do what needs to be done, even if it completely reverses something one had put a ton of effort into.

That’s just what happens because it was now a threat rather than an asset.

Which got me thinking…

How many times do people hang onto something that is bad for them just because they put a ton of hard work or money into it?

I hear this a lot from real estate investors lately.

Especially from those who have literally spent a small fortune — namely their life savings — on a real estate training program that isn’t producing the results they need it to.

But rather than blow it all up and start on something new that would work, they keep pushing on desperately trying to make lemonade from a lemon.

What they are missing is that this continues the cost increase, as “opportunity cost” needs to be factored in as well.

Look, I’ve done the same in the past.

I’ve invested my hard earned money into something that was a croc.

It hurt.

But I had to let it go.

Draw a line under it, and move on.

Then, and only then, was I able to move ahead to success, because I wasn’t worried about trying to recoup my investment.

I recognized that moving ahead is far more valuable than wrestling with lemons to make skunky lemonade.

A tough lesson.

And admittedly, a hard pill to swallow.

But it needs to be done.

Just like Rangoon Harbour needed to destroyed.

Winning the war is far more important than winning a battle.

So if you’re stuck on clinging to something that isn’t working for you just because you paid for it, it’s time to blow it up and just move on.

Once you win the war, you won’t worry about it anymore.

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