Why I’ve grown to love my haters

Let me tell you a story about HATE.

My students often ask me how they should react to a seller who yells at them for making a low offer.

Most people actually live in fear of how someone will respond when you make them a low offer on their property.

I tell my students simply not to care.

I tell them that if the person doesn’t get mad at you or start hating on you, then you haven’t offered low enough.

After all, the goal in a negotiation is to let the other side bring you up.

Then they feel like they “won”.

So you need to start low.

Very low.

How low exactly?

You should actually feel *uncomfortable* about it.

And you should be very confident that they will NOT accept your first offer.

Then you know that you are starting off low enough.

The worst that can happen is that the seller hangs up.

(And no one really slams a phone down anymore since modern phones just have an “end call” button, so it doesn’t really have the same effect anymore anyway.)

And yet, I still have to push this idea and sell it hard to get my students used to making extremely low offers.


Because it is just human nature to avoid being told “no”. (Even when that initial “no” is the goal.)

Nobody wants to be the source of conflict.

Nobody wants to be disliked.

Nobody wants to be hated.

But I’m telling you to get over it. You have to be hated first before you achieve any level of success. (Try writing a very opinionated daily email campaign if you really want to see how many people hate you.)

Besides, do you really care how some stranger on the other end of the phone feels about you?

Your ego isn’t that fragile, is it?

Grow a thicker skin, matey.

Just remember the profits that await at the other end.

*IF* you handle the negotiation right.

And that means going low at first.



Much of good negotiation is.

That’s why you need to learn how to do it right.

And that’s why I spend a lot of time teaching it in my real estate mentoring program.

It’s the key to taking luke-warm leads and turning them into RED-HOT deals.

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Tom Zeeb
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