The difference between millionaires and billionaires

Tom, what do you see as the differences between millionaires and billionaires?
–Martin C.

An excellent question because it points out an important lesson.

What lesson?

That you should only take advice from people who have actually done what you want to do or who have already actually done it.

I can speak to one, but not the other.

I’m not qualified to tell you how to be a billionaire, because I’m not one.

Will I ever be?

Probably not.

Because I tend to keep too close a hold on my businesses.

Because I don’t enjoy having employees. (So I don’t have any.)

Because I’m a better leader than a manager.

And because I do tend to micro-manage a bit.

I love systems and build them aggressively, but at a certain point systems always require employees, and so I don’t push it that far.

All this combines to keep me from getting to that next level. It keeps me from becoming a billionaire.

But I’m okay with that.

Because I think “lifestyle” is as valuable (or perhaps more valuable) than just more money.

After all, you can’t spend it once you’re gone, so I think it best to build a great lifestyle business and spend it now having memorable adventures and time with family.

Shouldn’t I plan to leave a ton of money for my kids?

Yes and no.

From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing worse than a “trust-fund kid”.

They usually turn into spoiled brats.

Or worse, addicts of some sort.

They never really learn what it takes to succeed because they’ve had it too easy all their lives.

They’ve never struggled, so they never develop the true grit that comes from having to build a business yourself.

And that damages them.

It deprives them of the experience necessary to not just build a business from scratch, but how to rebuild it if (and probably when) the proverbial hits the fan.

And given the uncertainty of the future, I much prefer knowing that I can take care of myself and my family no matter what, because once you build a business on your own, those skills and that experience is yours for life and is your greatest asset.

That’s why I spend so much time in my mentoring program teaching you not just about real estate deals, but also the basic fundamentals of how a solid lifestyle business should operate.

And while fundamental, it is hardly obvious to the untrained or inexperienced eye.

That’s why you need me to point it all out, connect the dots, and guide you down the path.

And before you even ask:

Yes, my program is expensive.

Because it’s an investment, not an expense.

If you don’t yet understand the difference, then you’re not yet ready to apply.

But if you are ready to go, and you’re not afraid to go there,

Then go here and take the first step:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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