Why price shoppers are bottom feeders

Someone asked me the prices for my mentoring program.

They didn’t ask what was included, or what they could expect to get or to accomplish, they simply wanted to know the price.

Like bottom-feeders, price shoppers never think about the actual value, they only obsess about the price.

Since this is usually the mark of an unsuccessful person, I decided to just tell them how much and then gauge their reaction.

(Like I was daring them to prove me wrong.)

Their response?

“I wouldn’t dream of ever spending that much for training.”

Nope, I wasn’t wrong.

I love how people can’t dream of spending that much on training, but they’ll easily dream about achieving high levels of success anyway.

Guess they don’t see the relationship between the two.

Odd that people will readily invest in a university degree, but not on a personalized and proven mentoring program.

A degree is seen as the path forward.

But it comes with no guarantees.

Perhaps it meant something in the past, but these days everyone has them, so the value is watered down.

You just aren’t special anymore.

Yet people continue to follow that path, as it is “accepted”.

But how many college graduates do you know who have to move back in with their parents afterwards as they are struggling to find a job?

Perhaps they should ask the university for a refund. (I wonder what their return policy is…?)

So, how much is my program?

It’s pricey.

And it’s not for those just “playing” business.

(If you don’t implement, don’t join.)

I only accept you into my mentoring program if I think you’re qualified and would succeed with my training.

So I have to get to know you first.

Then the investment is $15K to $25K.

Still interested?

Schedule a Strategy Session so we can talk, get to know each other, and then I’ll see if you’re a fit.

Go here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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