Doofenshmirtz – Behold, my Deal-inator!

I’ve written about the animated TV show “Phineas & Ferb” in the hallowed pages of these emails before.

The heinous yet adorable villain Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz is always building various machines (what he calls “-inators”) to try and act out his evil schemes to take over the entire Tri-State area.

There was the:

— Rain-inator to make it rain so a sporting event would be cancelled and not interrupt his favorite TV show.
— Rotten-inator to make everyone else’s meatloaf in a competition taste bad so his would taste good by comparison.
— And the Dull and Boring-inator to make himself more interesting by comparison to everyone else. (He never seems to think of improving himself, only taking others down…)

But he always fails because his home-built “inators” are bone-headed designs that constantly don’t work right. (Especially as he always installs an otherwise pointless self-destruct button).

Many real estate investors fail in their quest too.

If only there was a “Deal-inator” to magically turn up desperately needed marketing leads and deals.

Well, now there is.

And it was built by Duncan Wierman (who is much more like Roger Doofenshmirtz, the handsome and dashing brother of Dr Doofenshmirtz who is mayor of the city).

Duncan’s “deal-inator” actually works.

Works well.

And delivers:

1. Leads,

2. Deals,

3. and Profits.

No self-destruct button needed.

Your real estate business, like mine, will be massively better when you learn what Duncan is going to teach you at his training event.

He’s also going to share his techniques for Maximizing Rentals Using AirBNB.

So avoid Dr Doofenshmirtz, and instead take control of your real estate marketing success here:


Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors