VIDEO: Real Estate Marketing Mess-Ups

Most investors mess up the most critical aspect of their marketing.

What is it?

And how do you fix it?

Let’s discuss from Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia:
(and there’s a shocking surprise the end…)


Hey, it’s Tom Zeeb from Traction Real Estate Mentors and in this quick video today, I want to show you where most people mess up their marketing. Stay tuned!

At my last Rapid Cash Generator bootcamp I was asking the students where are they screwing up their marketing, where are they going wrong, and why isn’t their marketing working as good as it could be.

And the #1 answer that I got from people was that they didn’t have a solid, consistent message-to-market match.

They were screwing up the message-to-market match and that was lowering their response rate.

Folks, you’ve got to be more than just “We Buy Houses”.

“We Buy Houses” is done all the time, everywhere, and it’s a little bit boring.

If you’re talking to people in probate, give them a probate message.

If you’re talking to tired landlords, give them a message and talks them the frustration of being a tired landlord.

If you’re dealing with Out of State Absentee Owners, give them a message that speaks to the frustrations that those types of people have.

What do Out of State Absentee Owners think and feel, and what are their #1 issue, that’s what you need to be doing.

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For its Tom Zeeb, I’ll talk to you soon.