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LOL – Laugh out loud

LOL – Laugh out loud

That’s what my friends did when they saw my “We Buy Houses” magnet signs in my car.

They laughed so hard that I felt so ashamed and almost took them down.

They even refused to get in my car and we ended up taking their car.

That was one of the many times I was discouraged by a friend or relative to pursue my real estate investing career.

And even now when I make an average of $22,000 per deal, I still get discouraging comments and criticisms of what I do for a living.

Do you know the feeling?

I bet the same thing has happened to you.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t give up.

I didn’t take the signs down.

I didn’t stop sending postcards to motivated sellers.

I didn’t stop calling every single “For Sale By Owner” sign I saw.

I didn’t stop looking for vacant houses.

I didn’t stop attending real estate seminars.

I didn’t stop attending Traction REIA meetings.

And finally my stubbornness paid off.

After 3 months of focused marketing and not quitting, I did my first deal and made $30,000.

And after 2 years of doing deals, I was able to quit my job and do real estate full time.

So because I didn’t give up at the first obstacle, I now have the life that I always wanted.

I work from home, on my own time.

I travel the world visiting family, friends and new countries.

I take care of my son full time and he never had to go to daycare.

And now that he’ll be starting Pre-K, I will be a real soccer mom, because I can.

I have the freedom financially to do with my time whatever I want.

I am completely fulfilled professionally and personally.

I am successful entrepreneur and very happy wife and mother.

Do you want me to show you how to overcome obstacles, rejections, and laughs because you too want the dream real estate lifestyle?

Let me show you the way to do it.

Come laugh with me at those big fat checks you will get from those cheesy and embarrassing car signs.

It’s well worth it.

Go here:

Carolina Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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