Do you have change for a paradigm?


Yes I do.

And it’s far more than 2 nickels.

Because change needs to happen.

If anything is going to improve,

If anything is going to grow,

If anything is going to finally be the way you want it,

Then it has to change.

Then the paradigm will finally shift.

Change is constant.

Everything always changes.

And so do you.

There is no politician that has a hold on change.

No matter what empty promises they lie about.

Change just happens.


To everyone.

It always has.

And it always will.

You either adapt to the changes.

Or get left behind.

You either grow to fill your new shoes.

Or get left behind.

You either rise to the challenge.

Or get left behind.

So what’s it gonna be?

Keep on doing the same old, same old, and getting the same old miserable results?

Or learn how to change, adapt, thrive, and succeed?

The choice is yours.

Make the choice so it isn’t made for you.

Change for the better here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors