May Day, Mayday

I was sitting in a small coffee shop on a busy corner in Manhattan.

A group of old men came in and sat next to me.

All had very strong New Yorker accents.

They actually seemed out of place given the rest of the crowd, yet I can’t think of someplace they’d fit in more.

Once seated, they all just raised their coffee cups to a toast. And they toasted “power to da workers — Happy May Day”

How could I forget?

Since today is May 1st it’s “May Day”.

A communist celebration for “the workers”.

Not my cup of tea.

I’m certainly not celebrating anything communist.

I like things that actually work, not that lead lambs to slaughter.

So more appropriately, I’m reaching out to those real estate investors saying “MAYDAY” — the international distress signal for a ship or an airplane in trouble.


Because many real estate investors are actually in trouble.

BIG trouble.

They haven’t figured out how to start their business.

Or how to grow it.

Or how to find new motivated sellers and deals.

Or how to juggle all the moving parts of a business consistently and with grace and ease.

And the list goes on and on…

They are basically stuck.

Business is on life support and things ain’t lookin’ good.

Is this you?

Are you struggling to make it happen on your own?

You’ve been trying, but your wheels keep spinning and you haven’t been able to get any traction?

Stop struggling and get some proper guidance.

Once you learn it, then it’s yours.

And yours for life.

That’s the real power of “working” on something.

(and it’s something of your own.)

Have your S.O.S. answered here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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