Rudderless real estate investors

My oldest son asked me this question once during tubby-time.

Daddy, why do boats have rudders?

It keeps the boat moving in a straight line and allows the captain to control the direction.

Sounds simple.


But he looked at me confused.

Luckily I had an example to illustrate my point.

One of his wind-up boat toys had broken. The rudder had cracked off, but the propeller was still intact and worked.

I wound it up and put it in the water next to him.

It started going in circles.

The other boat wasn’t broken, so it moved forward.

Now he understood.

(And he talked about it endlessly for days after…)

That’s right son, without a rudder, you just go in circles.

You can’t steer.

And you can’t control your vessel.

Makes me think of so many budding real estate investors that I meet.

They are actually rudderless.

They haven’t bothered to build their ship right or to learn how to sail correctly, so they just go in circles.

Eventually they give up.

They think it isn’t for them since they didn’t have any success.

Which is a shame, because they could have made it happen, but they refused to learn the basics.

So don’t be rudderless.

And don’t waste your time going in circles.

Get properly trained instead and build a seaworthy craft that you can steer to success.

Apartments and Multi-Units are great vessels for moving ahead quickly and efficiently in your real estate investing business. You get the benefits of SCALE along with monthly cashflow and wealth through appreciation.

This month we are focusing on Apartment and Multi-Unit Investing at Traction REIA with Anthony Chara teaching you the ropes.

Line up here boys and girls:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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