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Shocking, positively shocking

A curious reader asked me this:

Tom, In real estate investing you deal with a lot of people and personalities. What surprises you most?

I’m always shocked by what people won’t do, especially when they *say* they want to succeed.

A little short term sacrifice will go a long way.

Take your local Traction Real Estate Investors Association group meeting for example. Get to it! Don’t make excuses. Deal with the traffic and the time crunch, it’s worth it. If I hadn’t started going then nothing would even have happened for me.  I’d still be stuck where I was.

And clear your calendar and attend the Saturday real estate investor training sessions. They are packed full of information and valuable networking.

Yes, you are “giving up” a Saturday. But who cares? When you succeed and quit your job, every day will be a Saturday, so giving one up every month is a small price to pay.

Go even if you don’t think that month’s topic is a great match for you. You might be surprised at what you learn anyway. And being “in the zone” is super valuable as you never know what breakthroughs you’ll have.

I’m obviously biased, but Traction REIA is the top-notch real estate investor group, bar none.

Be there or be square: http://TractionREIA.com

See you there.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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