Watch the “Italian Job”.

(The 1969 original with Michael Caine, not the more recent American remake.)


Best cliffhanger of all time. (Pun intended. But I won’t spoil it if you haven’t already seen it.)

But also because you’ll learn a great lesson about business.

Namely “Don’t celebrate until it is ALL over.”

Be sure the job is done before you start bragging or spending the money you don’t really yet have.

For us real estate investors, that means being sure the check is in the bank (and has cleared).

Otherwise you might get punch drunk too early and make mistakes.

Remember you need to go the distance to get the deal done.

Yes, I realize I’m comparing doing a real estate deal to doing a heist.

And that certainly isn’t the case as I do deals completely legit, legal, and above-board.

For the record:

Deals are good.
Heists are bad.

But the loot is the same!

And if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labors, then you need to be sure you get ALL THE WAY to the finish line.

So just be patient Charlie.

I’ll show you how it’s all done.

Just attend my upcoming 1-day “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator” Masterclass.

Then we’ll blow the bloody doors off your business:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors