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The lunatic in your head

This question rolled in last week:

“Tom, why should I pay for you to basically just point out the obvious? I can do that myself.”


But you don’t!

The lunatic is in your head.

(Yes, Pink Floyd lyrics — seemed appropriate writing to you from the UK today)

MISSING the “obvious” is an issue I watch people get stuck on, and struggle with, constantly.

And the problem with me pointing out the obvious to someone is that they usually mistake it for that “little voice in their own head” rather than something that they missed entirely.

They think that lunatic voice tells them that they knew it all along.

Even though they didn’t.

Or even if they did, they never took any action on it, so it didn’t really exist anyway.

And since they think they’ve heard “the same thing” somewhere before, they think they can also do it all on their own.

And then they wonder why they stay stuck.

If you were able to see everything right in front of you, AND if you were able to know which pieces were actually missing, AND if you were then able to connect all the dots and have it make sense, THEN, and only then, would you start to make money.

But the problem is that you can’t see what you’re missing or how to connect the dots.

No matter how simple it is.

And no matter how obvious it is.

You DO need someone else to point it out to you.

Because even the best minds miss the obvious.

More often than you’d think.

Remember, if you’re not actually getting the result, you don’t actually know the process.

Time to learn it right and get some help moving through the steps.

No, I won’t make you rich by next Tuesday.

Nor is my system “effortless”.

But, it can improve your business.

And sometimes, dramatically.

Lunatics need not apply.

Here’s where to raise the blade and make the change:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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