Underpinning your business

A few years back, I had to structurally underpin my house because the foundation was unstable.

The walls were literally cracking.

The brick walls!

Lying in bed at night I kept hearing a sound.

The only thing I could describe it as was like if someone took a brick and snapped it in half.

I was more right than I realized.

That was exactly what was happening.

And my house was sinking into the ground at an angle.

Washington DC was once a swamp after all.

(And many of the politicians lurking there still seem to be swamp monsters today. But I digress…)

The solution?

To push metal stilts deep into the ground underneath the house’s foundation.

This way the house would effectively be sitting on those stable stilts rather than the unstable ground beneath it.

$28,000 later I had a stable house.

Yes, I literally sunk money into the ground.

And I have nothing to show for it, as unlike a new deck or an addition, you can’t see this underground “improvement”.

Now when I look at houses to flip, I know what to look for.

Cracks in the brick horizontally mean the house is shifting side to side.

Cracks that look like a stair step mean the house is sinking downwards or backwards.

All can be fixed. It just costs money.

And you do it because a stable foundation is important.

Which got me to thinking about how it is the same for your real estate investing business.

If you don’t have a good foundation, the structure you build will be unstable, dangerous, and collapse.

So you need a solid foundation.

That means the fundamentals.

Not the ninja tricks,

Not the latest and greatest so-called “new technique”,

You need to learn the FUNDAMENTALS.

The fundamentals of both real estate investing and how to actually run a stable and professional business.

Which is why I cover these items aggressively in my mentoring program.

Because you need a proper and stable foundation to build upon.

Underpin your real estate investing business with me here:

Tom Zeeb
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