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Too many experts

Help, I’m stuck. There are so many different experts to listen to and so many of them seem to be talking at cross-purposes. What one says to do another says to avoid. What one says works, another says doesn’t. I’m frustrated and confused. What’s for real?


I’m surprised this didn’t get asked sooner.

Yep, there’s far too many “experts” out there these days.


Far too little mastery.

Most don’t know their elbow from their…

Never mind.

And their lack of mastery and focus actually hurts people.


Because people keep looking around thinking “it” must be somewhere else for them.

But it’s right there.

IF they would take action on it.

The problem is that there’s too much noise in the way.

Clutter on the road.

And it obscures the big picture.


Because it’s easy to assume “it” is something you don’t have.

But that’s not usually the case if you have been trying for a while or if you’ve done a few deals but can’t get your consistency down.

No, you aren’t suffering from a lack of available info and training.

You’re suffering because you’ve never focused on the RIGHT info and training.

That’s what you’re missing.

That’s your real problem.

And that’s what getting Traction in your life and real estate business will provide.

So stop spinning your wheels.

And start doing profitable real estate deals.

I’ll show you how:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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