Talk Dirty to me, Tom

I like it dirty.

Filthy to be exact.

And the filthier, the better.

Why does this get me so excited?


Because the worse condition a house is in, the better potential I have for a great deal.

Face it, when a property is a complete MESS it is just easier to put the deal together.

The seller knows it needs a lot of work.

It can’t be denied.

And very few people are actually up for the challenge of tackling it as a project.

And they can’t go listing it with an agent, because it certainly doesn’t shine.

So most buyers are out from the get-go.

And therefore it’s the investor to the rescue.

So when there’s a tree growing through the foundation,

Or the roof has collapsed leaving lots of water damage,

Or the bugs and rats have taken over the joint,

I get excited.

I’ve learned to enjoy the sweet smell of mold, because it is actually the smell of money.

It’s all in the way you look at it.

In my Traction Control Coaching Program I show you all kinds of “counterintuitive” ways to get good deals like this.

For example, my “dirty house locator” method.

It lets you get good deals even though most people miss (or avoid) the tell-tale signals that the property is actually ripe for the pickin’.

Let’s get down and dirty here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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