*Listen up because this is important:

I don’t send every deal out to my list because it often puts the deal in jeopardy.


Because stupid people mess around with my deals and my sellers.

They interfere.

They lie, cheat, and steal.

They try to make an end-run directly with the seller and cut me out of my deals, or worse, cut my students out of theirs.

And I don’t tolerate that.

Not. At. All.

I’m normally cool and calm, but mess with me, my family, my students, or my deals and I’m actually VERY litigious and combative.

Especially when it comes to protecting myself and my business.

So go ahead and try to mess with my deals.

I’ll unleash my legal team onto you.

My contracts are solid so we’ll end up keeping the deal and we’ll nail you hard in the process.

It’ll cost you a fortune just to defend yourself.

Waste of my money?


Because protection (and payback) is worth it to me.

Ever hear of “Tortious Inference”?

It’s when you actively interfere in another person’s valid legal contracts or try to intentionally damage their business.

Try it with me and you’ll see what interference really is when it costs you a ton in legal defense and lost time and profits.

I’m very serious about this.

So, no, I don’t send every deal out.

Many I just quietly pass to my best buyers.

People I know and trust.

People I want to see profit.

No need to announce all our deals to the whole world.

When people don’t know, they can’t interfere.

And that’s better for everyone.

Protecting yourself, your family, and your business is a key to success.

And it’s something I train my real estate mentoring students on so they recognize the importance and do it right from the start.

Start right here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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