A labyrinth, not a maze

A fellow I met in New Zealand this week had a labyrinth in his garden.

My son saw it and wanted to go.

“Let’s do the maze, daddy!”

“It’s a labyrinth, not a maze.” said the man wisely.

Tommy missed the subtlety and just said “Great, let’s go!”

I smiled.

What’s the difference?

A maze has choices of path and direction and often has multiple entrances, exits, and dead ends.

A labyrinth only has one path, with no diversions, to the center. And you exit the way you came in.

Which sounds more like life to you?

Which sounds more like business?

Everyone wants their business (and life) to be as simple as the labyrinth.

You follow a single path.

And get a defined result.

However, business (and life), is really a complex maze.

There’re lots of different paths.

There’re lots of different outcomes.

And there’re lots of potential dead ends, stalls, and getting lost along the way.

That’s why it helps to have a map to guide you, and training to teach you what to do in the various situations that you’ll come up against.

A maze is a puzzle.

Just like each real estate deal is a puzzle.

But since you can’t know all the twists and turns in advance, you need to learn the frameworks for success so that you’ll know what to do in the various situations that will present themselves.

Frameworks show you the parameters, the limits, the potential outcomes, and most importantly, the techniques to use to successfully handle and navigate whatever comes your way.

That’s why I teach you all my frameworks at The Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

Because when you master my frameworks, you can solve your way out of any situation.

That gets your deals done.

And that gives you Traction in your marketing, negotiation, and business.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors