Why don’t men ask for directions?

It drives me nuts.

And I know it drives other women nuts too.

But men never want to stop and ask for directions.

(I thought only Colombian men didn’t like to ask for directions, but it’s all men, including Americans.)

They seem to wander around lost thinking that they’ll somehow magically find it rather than just stopping and asking someone for help.


Wouldn’t getting help be so much easier and faster?

Sure, you may eventually figure it out on your own, but only after wasting a bunch of precious time away.

I guess it’s a macho thing.

Some sort of male pride.

But I just want to get there.


Not drive in circles guessing.

Which makes me think about how it’s the same in business.

You could spend all your time going in circles.

Never making progress.

Never getting a deal.

And never producing a profit.

Or you could just stop and ask for directions.

Wouldn’t that be so much easier?

Yes it would.

So put your pride aside and ask for business directions.

Just make sure you ask the right person.

The person who’s giving you directions should show you the fastest most efficient way to get to your destination/goal.

Someone who knows how to get there because they’ve already travelled that road.

Someone who has successfully arrived at the destination plenty of times.

Don’t ask someone who has no experience getting there or who is only blindly repeating instructions they heard from someone else on the internet.

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