24 Real Estate Drama Queens

“Drama early, or drama late. But drama for sure!”

My students hear me say that constantly.

Every real estate deal has its drama.
(Sorry boss, it can’t really be avoided.)

If it seems like smooth sailing at the beginning, then the drama will probably take the form of a wild finish. Proceed with caution. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But if it rears its ugly head early on, then often the run-up to settlement is smooth.

Each deal is different, but they all seem to have drama sooner or later.

Face it sweetie, we are dealing with PEOPLE after all, so it just goes with the territory.

That’s what we get paid for:
To manage the deal through the thick-and-thin of the drama until we finally get to the finish line.

Rather than being pointless drama queenery, the drama of a real estate deal is more like being Jack Bauer in “24”.

You’re trying to do your job (usually with a LOOMING deadline) and various people (both GOOD and BAD) keep popping up with various threats to your situation.

Some have good intentions, others have bad intentions, and some are flat out just trying to sabotage everything.

Welcome to life in the business jungle.

(I’m sure some specific people you’ve worked with come to mind right now…)

Yes, it sure can get crazy sometimes.

And the more hands in the pot, the worse it is.

That’s why I suggest keeping total control over ALL aspects of your deal.

Let your inner control freak out.

It’s you or them otherwise.

And I want you to win.

* How to control?
* What to control?
* Can you control?

I’ll be revealing my secret sauce for keeping you in the cat-bird seat at my 1-Day Rapid Cash Generator Masterclass on Saturday April 21st.

You’ll learn all the angles from the investor perspective.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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