My candid thoughts on what frustrates me

A reader clicked Reply to yesterday’s message ( ) and said this:

“Tom, Perhaps being a individual is great. But dont forget that we are all connected and in the same boat. Dont speak badly of the crowd.”


Sorry, but I’m not singing Kumbaya for a group.

I do honestly think you need to be a strong individual on your own to truly succeed.

Then when you join forces with other strong individuals in a group you get even more done.

Without strong individuals, it winds up like so many group projects in school: 2 kids do all the work, 2 others take all the credit, and 6 just sit there doing nothing productive.

Which do you think could build and maintain a successful business?

Which get stuck in the pack having to take what life throws at them rather than being in control?

And most importantly…

Which do YOU want to be?

Different people will all do different things with the same opportunity.

But it is just that, an opportunity.

The outcome is what YOU — as an individual — make of it.

(Thus why misguided politicians futilely try to ensure equal “outcome” under the guise of equal “opportunity”.)

I’ve actually been rather frustrated by people who say they’ll do something, but then they don’t put forth the effort to really make it happen.

Why do some people take an opportunity and run with it?

While others take the same opportunity and drop the ball through non-implementation?

As I ask around, it seems to be a problem that plagues other coaches as well.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t FORCE it to drink.

It all comes down to the person themselves.

Human nature is what human nature is.

And that part I still can’t control.

(Even after inspiring, guiding, and cajoling.)

Which leads to a tough fact for many people to face:
What one person has done successfully with a system has ZERO impact on what you will do with it.

I know it makes you feel more secure to talk to others and quiz them about their success, but how does that really impact you?

You are NOT that person, and they are NOT you.

You are different.

They may implement.

You may not.

They may follow-through relentlessly.

You may not.

They may stick with it even when they have doubts.

You may not.

Therefore that difference makes…

All. The. Difference.

So if you know you are different,

If you know you have what it takes,

And you just need the tools, direction, accountability, and a push,

Then we should talk.

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