10 lessons I wish my dad had taught me about real estate

Since it’s Father’s Day…

As my oldest son grows up he always asks “why?” to everything.

Rather than dismiss him with the standard answer of “Because.”, I actually see it as a challenge.

Because I was the same when I was his age. And I wanted answers.

(I’ve never really changed for that matter).

I’m curious how things work.

About why things tick.

And curious about what makes the world go ’round.

So I do actually try and answer all his questions.

Call me crazy.

Or perhaps even nerdy.

But it’s fun.

And challenging.

Especially if I have to explain something simply enough for a child to understand it.

Like how a helicopter flies.

Or why we live on earth.

Or why we have bones.

(Those are actually easy compared to “why can’t we see God?” or “why do my ‘boy pieces’ get big?”)

I can’t wait until he asks me how to start and grow a successful real estate business.

Then I’ll have a direct and simple answer.

Because my Rapid Cash Generator systems are simple enough for a child.

You just need to learn them.

And then apply them.

But until he’s old enough, you can benefit from that knowledge right now.

Because when he’s old enough here’s what I’ll teach him:

1. Starting, building, and successfully running a real estate business doesn’t happen overnight. So be patient my boy, and keep focused on your dreams and goals. Patience is indeed a virtue.

2. And speaking of focus, son, a lot is going to happen along the way to distract and derail you. Your success is dependent on your ability to focus. And to get back on track when life throws you off.

3. There’ll be lots of temptation along the way to cut corners and cheat “just a little bit”. Don’t fall for that slippery slope. Your word and your integrity are all you really have in the end.

4. Trust but verify, young man. What people *do* and what people *say* are often quite different. So don’t rely on what people say. Watch their actions and take mental note, because what they actually DO will tell you everything you need to know about them.

5. You need to think like a successful person. So surround yourself with successful people. They’ll rub off on you. (Just like being around “losers” will rub off on you too).

6. Never be afraid to enlist the help of a coach and mentor. They will make you stronger. Just like in the sports you play, a coach helps guide you and push you to new heights. No man is an island. Everyone learns from someone. So choose and choose wisely.

7. Marketing is about finding the itch that people have and then scratching it. It’s about finding people’s buttons, and then pushing them. You want to connect with your market as specifically as possible. This means you have to do some serious research first. Don’t skip this most important step or you’ll be frustrated in failure. Don’t be afraid to get help if this part isn’t your strong suit.

8. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Yes, you’ve heard that one before, but stop for a minute and really think about it, son. Let it really sink in. Realize the ramifications. And then simply don’t be a quitter.

9. Build a business that fits your personality. Make a positive impact on the world around you. Then you’ll love what you do and you’ll be happy doing it. It simply won’t feel like work. That’s a great position to be in.

10. Your mother and I love you and we always will. Make us proud. Then teach the same to your boy someday.

That’s my sound fatherly advice.

It’ll do you good to apply at any age.

So are you ready to build your real estate business?

I’ve got the perfect gift for Father’s Day. It starts this weekend.

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It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

My advice is to sign-up now and get focused and excited.

It is the greatest gift you can give to your dad or yourself.

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Tom Zeeb
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