Running of the bull

No, I didn’t leave an “S” off the end of “bull” in the subject line.

I ain’t talking about the animal.

I’m talking about the load of bull that I hear bandied around out there by rotten promoters and sleazy salesmen.

(B.S. that is, just to be clear.)

For example…

** On a webinar, populating the chat with fake names and fake comments.

(You’re like those losers in high school who put fake signatures in their yearbooks just to look popular and cool.)

** Hiring someone to hack Facebook so it displays an inflated number of Facebook friends on your website.

(How are people gonna feel when they show up and you only have 30 people in attendance but 5,000 people claimed they “like” you? Don’t be a loser.)

** Exploiting a flaw to make people’s Facebook accounts “like” your page even though they never agreed to this.

(Really? Are you that much of a loser that you need to fake people into liking you?)

** Always announcing “closed door” meetings but everyone’s invited.

(Does it really sound that much cooler to be behind “closed doors”? Why not just be honest? Are they afraid people won’t show up if they aren’t duped into showing up?)

** Claiming to be a member or affiliated with a prestigious group that you aren’t actually a part of.

(Trying to get that group’s credibility to rub off on you? Nice try, but you just look like a needy loser.)

** Advertising with a photo of you and some famous person as if you’re old buddies, even though you just met and it’s only a standard photo op that they’re doing with everyone there anyway.

(Get some real friends. Sure, it might be exciting to meet someone famous, but to then use them for marketing as if you are boozin’ buddies is just disingenuous.)

And the list goes on…

It’s just sleazy out there.

No wonder people get burned and stay suspicious.

Which is a shame because these antics often keep them out of the business for good.

So rather than learning how to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams, they get sick of the scum and then just stay stuck on the sidelines.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Learn to spot the tricks and gimmicks being used on you…

And then learn to avoid people using them.

They aren’t worth of your precious time or hard earned money.

Instead follow someone you trust.

Here’s where to go for a no B.S. approach:

This month we are focusing on Apartment and Multi-Unit Investing.

We are having expert Anthony Chara teach you, and he is a class-act.

Looking forward to seeing you at our 2 great events this month:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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