Pushing you to the limit?

Who likes being pushed around?

No one.

Because you feel weak and inferior.

But being “pushed” is NOT the same as being “pushed around”.

A subtle difference?


But a powerful one.

I am only who I am today because I was pushed.

I am only successful because I was pushed.

If I hadn’t been pushed, I’d still be stuck at the starting line spinning my wheels.

Sound familiar?

So having someone to PUSH you is a GOOD thing.

It gives you accountability and avoids the natural human instinct to hide your inaction.

I think back to the people who pushed me and ask myself what I would have MISSED discovering about myself had someone NOT pushed me beyond what I thought I could do…

Have you ever stopped to consider that?

* What if your high school athletic coach hadn’t pushed you?
* What if your mother hadn’t pushed you to remember to say please and thank you?
* What if your teachers hadn’t pushed you to get your homework done and turn it in?

If you hadn’t been pushed, you’d be nowhere today.

Plain. And. Simple.

I always remember how different I would be today if someone had NOT kicked me off the cliff to finally force me to spread the wings I didn’t even know I had.

How much LESS would I have achieved if someone had lowered the bar instead of consistently RAISING it.

My mentors knew that you do no one any favors by settling for anything but the best someone’s got to offer.

Even if that “best” extends well beyond the individual’s current understanding of their capabilities.

What would I have missed if I never took that plunge and invested serious money in a mentor for myself and my business?

The answer:

I would have missed EVERYTHING.

And that would have been a crying shame.

So don’t miss out.

Get a push in the right direction at my upcoming 1-Day “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator Masterclass”:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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