The days I miss

Tom, sometimes you skip a day of writing. I thought maybe your email just didn’t make it, but I checked your blog and there’s nothing there either. Why?


Yup, sometimes I miss a day.

Usually it happens if I get caught up doing something else, especially with my family.

That’s part of the fun of (and the reason to have) your own business.

You can just do things on a whim when you feel like it.

So why have I missed a couple days lately?

The reason is in the photos above.

Want to learn how you can happily get distracted by whatever tickles your fancy on a given day?

That’s what we’ll discuss in detail here:

Tom Zeeb
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– David McGrady

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“I’m so happy today, I am about to do my first rehab property all thanks to you.”
– Eric Nkemtaji

“I implemented what was shown. I just started doing it & BAM! my first deal came in.”
– Godfrey De La Rosa

“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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