Why I’m a homeophobe, and why you should be too


It’s something I have a phobia of.

It means our tendency to reach equilibrium or stability.

It means standing still.

It’s a state of psychological equilibrium obtained when tension or one’s drive has been reduced or eliminated.

Basically valuing being “constant” and “stable” rather than being on the proverbial “knife’s edge”.


What’s my gripe with it?


It’s killing people.

And stealing their dreams.

Yours too.

Because too many times you just pull back to the average and accept mediocrity.

Take what life gives you.

Even if it stinks.

Even if you don’t like it.

And yes, even if it’s not what you really wanted.

You get stuck.

And you stay stuck.


Because it is easier than upsetting the balance.

It’s easier than disturbing the way things currently are for you.

Yes, changing is tough.

It’s scary.

And it is *MUCH EASIER* to just keep doing what you’re doing and just ignore the dreams of what you really wanted to be or to have.

So you give up on your dreams and goals — rather than fight for them and the ability to shape your own future.

That’s homeostasis.

That’s why it’s no good for you.

And that’s why you need to get over it and move ahead now.

You are ready. And I can help.

But there’s no going back.

Only forward.

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