I don’t like arrogant men

A reader sent in this amusing, but accurate, note:

Tom, There’s something oddly arrogant yet still humble about you. It especially shows in the way you write and what you choose to write about.

Sometimes I wonder why on earth you choose to write about certain topics, as they aren’t real estate related, but then you manage to draw an excellent point from the story and drive it home.

And while I get aggravated with how sure of yourself you are about everything, I also find myself agreeing with you almost all the time.

Frustrating. But fascinating as well.

I should watch what I say because you’ll probably print it!

— Julie J.

I get accused of being a lot of things.

None of it bothers me anymore.



But arrogance shares a fine line with confidence.

And confidence comes easy for me these days.

Especially in business.


Because I’ve done it.

I’ve taken the hits,

failed miserably,

been broke,

lost it all, and…

Then rebuilt it all, set myself free, achieved my goals, and now focus on living life my way, on my terms.

And I’ve walked others through the process.

So I know it works.

I know how to break it down to the component parts,

How to transfer the skills,

And how to coach and coax someone to succeed.

When there isn’t doubt in one’s mind, it’s easy to speak with confidence and stand my ground.

Ready to build your business (and your confidence)?

Start here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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