I finally reached 100

I finally did it.

Reached one of my BIG goals.

Namely to visit 100 countries.

Took a trip to Cyprus last month and sealed the deal.

(Conveniently, Cyprus is split into 2 countries, with a giant United Nations controlled border running straight across the island. Nothing like having a two-for-one…)

I have some interesting stories I’ll be telling you from the trip.

And as always they’ll have business lessons tied into them.

But you’ll have to wait just a bit.

Now I’m sure some people are scathing about what a braggart I am.

But I say all this not to impress you, but to INSPIRE you.

So few people seem to be out to truly inspire others.

Quite the contrary, too many people seem to be out there just to tear you down or hold you back.

And that’s actually a BIG problem these days.

And I don’t like it.




So I live large and share my experiences with you to inspire you to pursue and achieve your own goals, whatever they may be.

You can feel put off by me if you’d like.

(and then just unsubscribe using the link below)

Or you can choose to be inspired by me.

The choice is yours.

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