Student Testimonials — What our students are saying about us!

The video & written testimonials below will reveal precisely what people just like you, with families just like yours, have been able to achieve as a result of our Mentoring program. Our students have generated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in today’s economy applying precisely what we teach in our Mentoring Program. Our training will massively impact your life, so set your expectations high!

Tom Zeeb & his team did a great job helping me get my first deal after I had been in the program only a couple of months. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to become successful in this business. I look forward to doing more deals with their help.

Tom is not only a very successful investor and good mentor, he also has a great deal of patience! My first deal was very bumpy and took longer than expected to complete. As a result I had literally hundreds of questions, and they answered all of them promptly and well. I look forward to doing my next deal with him and I know it will be successful no matter the circumstances.
— Alison Miller Spring Street Properties, LLC

I just closed my first deal! With the help of Tom Zeeb, I successfully negotiated a SWEET buy and hold deal where the seller carried back 100% of the sale price for 3 years at ZERO percent interest! The monthly principle payments to the seller are low enough that I can easily cash flow the property at about $600/month for three years, then when I cash out at the end of three years, I will have over 80,000 in equity in the property! I was only successful putting this deal together because of the help I got from Traction Mentors. They worked closely with me to evaluate the initial numbers, potential scenarios and really taught me the importance of building rapport in these types of deals. I talked to the seller for at least two months before she agreed to move forward. Once we finally got a contract in place, they continued to guide me through the entire process. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks!
— Kerry Himes

A much needed mentor to young investors… [Tom] gives you that chance to beat the odds and accomplish what to you may seem un accomplish-able… Tom is my helping hand… Thank you Tom for helping me accomplish my dreams and goals in real estate.
— Michael Fitzgerald


This is a dream come true. I am still in shock and it really doesn’t feel real. Yes, I have seen people get up and talk about making thousands of dollars and have been really excited thinking just maybe it could happen to me and now it has! It CAN happen. . . don’t give up! Just keep believing. I am blessed. Now, all I have to say is . . . NEXT!
— Jashiema Roach


I was again extremely impressed. The way you have set up this business is exactly what I am looking for – in that you don’t just help us do a few deals, but really teach/train us on how to set up a business that will be the foundation upon which we build.
— Matthew Toone


Tom was only a phone call away to advise me on the next step… He continually stressed that as a wholesaler, you’re really in the customer service business… Tom is definitely the go-to guy!
— Kenton Newby


Tom Zeeb is a man of his word… a breath of fresh air within the real estate investor community… I have first hand experience observing Tom remaining calm during the unpredictable stages of a settlement transaction… I highly recommend Tom to anyone considering doing business with him…
— Ken Williams


Tom, I wanted to thank you and tell you how well your advice has worked for me. Currently I am working on a deal to acquire 2 storage facilities with a seasoned, knowledgeable investor who first presented me with this deal. (I am a newbie when it comes to commercial real estate, and have never really considered myself much of a negotiator, up until now.) When the investor asked me to do something for him, which worked in his favor, not mine, I luckily thought of what you said: “always ask for something in return”. To my amazement, not only did this work seamlessly, but it gave me both the advantage I was looking for, and one I hadn’t even considered until that moment. it also put me in very good standing with him – I think it truly impressed him, and brought his guard way down. Now he seems to really want to work with me on this deal. Wow. It really IS like playing chess isn’t it? thank you Tom, so very very much, for sharing your wealth of information, and bringing me one step closer making this deal a reality.
— Liz Dauw

You get plenty of attention… By working with Tom I’ve been able to get started much more quickly and avoid mistakes… Without Tom, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get started or perhaps the persistence to stick with it, especially after several months of marketing that didn’t produce a deal.
— Michael Blank


We want to thank you for your advice and teaching materials – – Both we critical to the successful outcome of this deal… We appreciate that you are sharing your expertise with us as we get started.
— Melana & Mike Wilson


Thanks to your mentoring, I had my first deal, on Edmondson Avenue, within a week of the completion of the business and marketing plan. It was an exciting jump-start to becoming a successful investor. And the $10,000 profit! Yes!
— Kathi Reid

Shortly after I became one of his students I found that he has a very structured regiment that allowed me to line my goals up with the activities needed to accomplish them… Passion is what sets TZ apart from the rest… he is extremely passionate about making a difference in someone else’s life. He seems to love seeing others achieve their dreams. He Loves teaching and watching his student become successful!
— C Willis

Thanks very much for all your help on this project, my 2nd deal with you. I couldn’t have made a better choice when I decided to sign up for your program and I feel like you’ve taught me the best practices on how to be a successful investor. There’s also no teacher like experience – while this deal made a nice profit, now that I know how much work goes into one of these projects you can be sure I will keep trying to buy as low as possible! I also hope we can do more deals together in the future and if I can ever help you promote the program just let me know. Keep coaching! We need you!
— Alison

I started dabbling in real estate investing in 2002 and met Tom Zeeb in 2005 at a REIA meeting where he was teaching a group of investors how to negotiate a deal, control a deal, and getting the deal closed. Shortly after that I became a full time investor. His style of teaching is effective and simple to understand. If you’re just starting out, signing up with Tom is a great way to get started in a profitable direction.
— Marcel Umphery

Tom Zeeb has the knowledge and insight to teach investors everywhere techniques that will put CASH in their pockets tomorrow. The last deal that Tom and I worked on together put over $40,000 in equity in my pocket, along with a positive cash flow of over $400/month. If you’re not already working with Tom, you need to start immediately. He’ll improve your education and help you put more money in your bank account.
— Justin Lee


I thought you to be insightful and practical. I also found great inspiration in your personal story and what you have been able to accomplish over the past five years. It’s the kind of winning story and inspiring leadership that give me tremendous optimism and courage as a new investor exploring the tough but potentially rewarding field of real estate investment. Thank you for sharing your story and for inspiring me.
— Mouhamadou Diagne

Thank you so much for giving me as much time and help as you have. I have learned so much by working with you and feel fortunate to have found a great mentor to team up with before I made any rookie mistakes…
— Shelley McClean

Thank you and your organization for the speed and professionalism in which you displayed in processing my real estate transaction… The fact that you were in constant contact with me is commendable… Thank you for the compassion you displayed throughout this entire process…
— Karen Sneed



Carolina Zeeb came to speak to our group of women investors. She was very knowledgeable, articulate, and sincere. The presentation was very motivational. I appreciated her willingness to share her story. Her perspective was very interesting and enjoyable. She gave the group much encouragement, and opened our eyes to the many possibilities available to us. It was obvious to all of us, that her intelligence and business sense has made her the success story that she is today. She is an excellent presenter. I would highly recommend her for any group presentation or workshop. I look forward to her return to our group
— Valarie Mares

Carolina did everything possible to help me, put my mind at ease and most of all to trust her…
Carolina was always willing to answer questions… She is a warm-hearted good person… She is Miss Wonderful…
— Essie Davis



Thank you so much for helping me sell my home… my wife’s illness and fragile condition compelled me to sell the property in relative short order… Thank you for your kindness and generosity…
— Jim Rogers




I took your wholesaling basics class. You taught me a lot! I was just getting started, learning investing and setting up my biz, etc. Anyway, I’m proud to tell you that I am under contract on my first deal!! It’s only a couple of miles from my home!
— Traci Thomas

Dear Tom, Thank you for your insightful teaching. We genuinely appreciate how you are changing and challenging real estate investors and the world. You are a truly unique and charitable individual who inspires and motivates those you meet, to emulate your exceptional warmth and ethical code of conduct to everyone that they encounter. You display exemplary qualities, which are a rare find in today’s world! Our journey has been illuminated, since the intersecting of our paths. We treasure that memorable opportunity.
— Michael & Samantha

I’m VERY happy with the course materials and my mentor! I’m currently working on my very first property for wholesaling, in the negotiation process right now! Making more calls on others today. Couldn’t have done it without your company and I know that from experience because I TRIED it earlier this year with the very little knowledge I had.
— Dani-Jean Stuart


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