The Frameworks for Success

You need to know how to build and grow a real estate investing business properly if you want to maximize your profits and secure your future for yourself and your family.

In this quick video I’ll show you what I’m going to teach you at the next Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp:


Hey, It’s Tom Zeeb, The Rapid Cash Generator, at the Traction Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp.

I want to quickly ask everybody here, we’ve been reviewing all the frameworks that we learned yesterday. We have a wall full of all the frameworks diagrammed out, figured out, so what is it that we learned, how is that we become real estate investors, how is it that we learn to make a ton of money in real estate from flipping houses, out of wholesale or rehab, and buying and holding houses?

So, what’s your favorite?

Who’s got a favourite framework, as you’ve been reviewing what we learned just yesterday on Day 1?

Who has a favorite? Which is the one that stands out?

You guys are pointing, which one you’re pointing at?

(Man: The ladder right there).

The ladder. This one here?

(Man: Starting with marketing, yeah)

Start with your marketing, figure out your comps, inspect the property and estimate repairs, negotiate, go to contract and close.

You got 5 steps to the ladder.

What is it that you like about it?

(Man: Takes one step at a time)

Takes one step at a time, which is exactly what you are supposed to do up a ladder.

You don’t generally go grab and pull up multiple rungs, you can try but you might fall. You can fall and get damaged and get hurt and that wouldn’t be good, we don’t want that. We want you to be successful.

Who else had some other fun frameworks to like, how about this one?

Is that a good one?

Good, I saw a lot of hands pointing here as well.

So, we’re talking about, we start with Marketing, we have negotiation, and we have getting paid the main part, what happens in between?

Marketing leads to warm leads, negotiation takes those warm leads and turns them into hot deals which gets you paid.

When you get paid, where do you re-invest some of your money?

(Crowd: Marketing)

Back into your marketing, so it becomes fuel for the fire and this whole thing is one giant circle that just keeps going and going and going, right?

That’s awesome.

So, does having information broken down like this make learning easier?

Has it made learning more fun?




(Man: You’ve made learning more fun!)

I’ve made learning more fun?


Are you saying I’m little crazy? (laughs)

That is what about, thank you. That is good. Yeah, I have no filters.

Good, we want to learn how to do things and how to improve and you have all the frameworks to make that happen.

So, we’re looking forward to day number 2 of 3?

(Crowd: Yes)

Awesome! Good.

Well guys, let’s get started!



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“Tom Zeeb has the formula for success.  You just need to follow what he says.”
– David McGrady

“The best help from Tom was the negotiation techniques & tactics. His Bootcamp got me on track.”
– Ryne Lambert

“I used your marketing. I used your contract. I got the deal and got it done.”
– Danisha Byrd

“I’m so happy today, I am about to do my first rehab property all thanks to you.”
– Eric Nkemtaji

“I implemented what was shown. I just started doing it & BAM! my first deal came in.”
– Godfrey De La Rosa

“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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