Questions that arrived

Here are some of the questions that arrived about my Traction Control Coaching Program:

Do you require any deal split? Do I need to pay you out of each deal done?

No. All your profits are yours to keep.

Will you come to my deals and seller home visits with me?

No. That is something I teach you how to do on your own.

How often can I speak directly to you?

The program is designed that we can speak directly together at least 3 times per month. The point is that I’m there when you actually need me, not just there to talk to so that you feel like you “got your hour”.

We also get together in-person 3 times a year for a high-performance mastermind the day after the Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp. This event is called “Boardroom”.

Each time you come, you’ll learn what’s working right now for each of the members, and you’ll have to share a tactic of your own. You’ll get the group’s input on your biggest challenges and opportunities. You’ll also get my hand guiding your strategy and my eyes critiquing your campaigns and advising your negotiation strategies to get more deals closed.

We also have group mastermind calls each month where you can speak directly to me and get all your questions answered.

What type of support is included?

This program is not about more stuff. It’s about more access. Access to me when you need it.
Here’s what’s included:
Hot Seat Office Hours 1-on-1 Calls (private direct access to your coach)
Triage Session 1-on-1 Planning Call (to design your personal action plan)
Monthly Sherpa Call (Get help on any issue you’re having)
Boardroom (In-Person Mastermind Sessions)
— Scoreboard (Accountability)
— Specialty Workshop (expanded business trainings)
— Focused Hot Seat (your personal session)
— Social Lunch (Networking & Community)
Weekly Video Trainings (detailed “how-to” instruction)
Monthly Audio Trainings (In-depth audio on all important topics)
Archive of All Past Calls (for your iPod & commute)
Spotlight Training Tactic (Focused monthly training bonus)
Monthly Group Q&A Call (individual attention in a group setting)

How long is the program for?

12 months.

How much is it?

That I’ll share with you after you apply, and if you are accepted. This program isn’t cheap, and it isn’t for price-shoppers or people who don’t know the difference between a “cost” and an “investment”. This is for people that know they need that extra push to achieve their goals and they are willing to invest in themselves to make it happen.

Due to the nature of the program, with the small group setting and individual attention, the number of people I take is extremely limited. It is first-come, first-served from those who successfully apply and qualify.

I currently have 8 people and I will not take more than 12.

Start the application process here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors