Playing not to lose vs playing to win

They aren’t the same thing.

And the mental attitude and position you have about this very question affects both you and your business success.

It affects you deeply.

Too many people play to not lose.

They are responding to mistakes of their past that they don’t want to recreate (or have to live through again).

But those types of scars can still continue to do damage if they’ve make you gun shy.

Because when you play not to lose you don’t truly get ahead.

You are being way too defensive, and not offensive enough.

The player that gets out ahead and sets the pace is the one that will win.

Sitting back and just responding to whatever gets dumped on you daily isn’t a recipe for success.

So stop hanging back and playing defense so that you “don’t lose”.

Because you’ll never win.

Move up.

Move ahead.

And focus on winning.

I’ll show you how.

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