The storybook lie

* Is it enough just to believe?
* Will life work out exactly as it does for all the Disney princesses?
* Is the perfect outcome guaranteed?


Heck no.

Life just don’t work that way.

News flash:
Disney scrubs the really tough-reality parts of the stories out.

The parts with the real consequences.

The parts where it all doesn’t work out well just because you wanted it to.

That’s why they’re called ‘fairytales’.

Sorry precious snowflake, but you aren’t a precious snowflake.

If you want a silver platter, go earn it.

No one is just gonna hand it to you.

Believe the fairy tale if you want to.

For me, I’ll accept life for what it really is and go out there and make my own future.

(Aren’t I a ray of sunshine this Monday morning…)

Too crass?

Tough luck.

It’s honest.

Here’s a real zinger…

You aren’t good enough the way you are.

You can be better.

So go and be better.

That’s what humans are made for.

To get better.

To improve our lives and surroundings.

To overcome obstacles.

So start the process.

Time’s a-wastin’.

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