Panda’s plain old noodle soup

My oldest son was obsessed with watching the “Kung Fu Panda” movie.

So I’ve now seen it dozens of times. (and I’m looking forward to the 3rd one)

The joys of fatherhood!

But there is actually a great business (and life) lesson in this movie.

The unlikely hero is a “big, fat panda” named “Po” who accidently (or was it fate…?) gets chosen to be the Dragon Warrior, the supreme Kung Fu fighter who will bring peace to ancient China.

He’s a bumbling klutz, but his teacher pushes ahead with his training anyway.

At each level of his training he gets a scroll that improves his performance and fighting ability. Each scroll reveals a major secret to becoming a Kung Fu Master.

The ultimate goal, when he becomes a full master, is the coveted Dragon Scroll.

But can Po actually become the Dragon Warrior?

He comes from a simple background, as his father is a goose who runs a noodle restaurant.

And this restaurant is known for the very best noodle soup.

A soup that tastes super good because of his father’s “secret ingredient”.

And when Po is feeling down-and-out and is almost defeated because no one really believes in him (including himself) he almost calls it quits.

And doing so would mean the destruction of life in the valley and the reign of darkness.

***Spoiler alert*** I’m going to tell you the end of the movie.

It’s at this time that he actually gets to see the Dragon Scroll.

And it’s blank!

There’s nothing on it.

He’s confused.

He doesn’t understand it.

He thinks it’s all a scam.

Defeated and rejected, he goes back to his father to help pack up and leave.

And then, seemingly unrelated, his dad tells him a big secret.

“There is no secret ingredient to the secret ingredient soup.”

It’s just a myth to make people think it’s better.

Po then makes the connection.

Then he understands why the Dragon Scroll was blank.

Because it’s just you that is the secret ingredient.

You make it awesome.

You and your will to actually make it happen.

That’s what most people miss and don’t understand.

And I see the same thing in real life with real estate investing business owners.

There is no secret ingredient.

It just takes your focus, hard work, and commitment.

You need to stick with it long enough to achieve success.

That’s the “secret” ingredient.

So when you hear all these ‘gurus’ telling you about their ‘secrets’, be very wary.

It just isn’t true.

You master a business and earn profits by focusing on fundamentals.

Fundamentals that don’t change.

Not glamorous to say, I know.

But it’s the truth.

To make something special, you just have to believe it’s special.

You have to believe in yourself and then complete your training to become the master.

Just like Po did.

And if he can do it, you can do it too.

Ready to make your own secret ingredient soup?

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