Overheard in a South Dakota bar

I was sitting at a bar in a small one-horse South Dakota town last week.

“Don’t let the Californians ruin it all,” the other guy at the bar said to the bartender.

The bartender huffed about how all the outsiders coming in are worrying him.

Because things change.

And sometimes amazingly fast.

He then went on to say that another patron of his has 5 rentals he’s selling off, but refused to let any Californians buy them. (Californians aren’t labeled as a protected class… yet.)

I couldn’t help but to jump in.

“What’s it doing to prices?” I asked.

Pushing everything up they said. Never thought they’d see those kinds of prices or demand.

Those with something to sell are cleaning up.

And fast.

But they are worried about their culture changing.

I get it.

I’ve seen the same in many neighborhoods back East too.

* Things change.
* People move out.
* Others move in.
* Prices go up.

It’s a natural part of any market.

And if you can jump in on it and ride the wave up you’ll do well.

VERY well.

Can you predict where these places are?

Yes, because there are signs of what’s coming and clues as to when.

You just need to know what to look for.

There’s a good time to buy, a good time to hold, and a good time to sell.

The rehab I currently have happening is just that type of deal.

* I bought ahead of the curve when super cheap.
* Held and rented.
* And am rehabbing for resale as I think it’s at a peak.

Now that money will be repositioned to a new investment to start the cycle all over again.


And profitable.

In my special “Anatomy of a Rehab” training, I take you behind the scenes using ‘over-my-shoulder’ videos to teach you how to analyze the value, determine the scope of the renovation, and maximize the resale price.

I show you all the details of how to:
* analyze,
* convert,
* renovate,
* determine resale value,
* choose finishes,
* manage remotely,
* deal with all the issues and headaches,
And much more.

Californian or not, there’s lots to learn.

Jump in here:
Anatomy of a Rehab

Tom Zeeb
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