Nothing propinks like propinquity

I can hear the complaints now…

“Tom, You shouldn’t use BIG words like that when marketing.”

People can’t handle it.

Sure, there’s a lot of idiot-drivel out there.

But I know my audience.

And you are a sophisticated lot.

Not the average fools that most marketers have on their lists (and thrive from leading to the slaughter).

Plus I’ve always been successful by going against the grain.

So anywhoo…

What exactly does “propinquity” mean?

It basically means “nearness”.

Nearness in place.

Nearness in proximity.

Nearness of relation.

Nearness in time.

Or a similarity in nature between things.

Think “like-attracts-like”.

What on earth does this have to do with your real estate business?

Quite a bit actually…

As when you are near and close to something, you tend to be better at it.

And if you get close to your business, you’ll naturally get better at it.

In other words, FOCUS is golden.

Get to know the real estate business by being close to the business.

Learn the terms.

Study the techniques.

Understand the process.

Get in the zone.

And STAY in the zone.

Then watch what happens.

You start to get better at it.

(In business or anything else for that matter…)

Indeed, nothing propinks like propinquity.

To paraphrase the late great Zig Ziglar:

Learning your business and getting motivated is like bathing and eating…

It’s good to do on a regular basis!

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Propink with me here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors