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Not Needed: “Secretary of Business”

Do we really need a Secretary of Business?

It’s recently been suggested.

I think not.

Absolutely not!

And most fellow business owners I hang with think the same way.

What we really need is to break the chains that the government puts on business. Not have a Cabinet-level position to interfere even more.

What a business needs to thrive is:

Less regulation.

Less taxes.

Less burden.

All would lead to greater productivity, greater service to our customers, and greater profits.

But unfortunately many people just don’t see it that way.

Probably because they’ve never run a business and had to deal with the insane amount of waste that all this government regulation creates.

A waste of one’s time.

A waste of one’s money.

And a waste of one’s talents.

Rather than getting down to giving customers what they want, us business owners have to waste time doing pointless paperwork and then coughing up huge amounts of our profits in taxes.

(That’s right, it doesn’t take many successful deals before you’ve earned enough to be one of those “evil” rich people that are supposed to carry everyone else’s burden.)

Ask yourself:

Does a government bureaucrat really know more about business than the entrepreneur that worked his way up from scratch?

I think not.

But others do think that way.

And that’s what we have to be vigilant against.

Eternally vigilant.

Look at all the best innovations.

Did they need government assistance and regulation to come to life and be popular? (i.e. commercially successful)


The market decides what wins and what doesn’t.

Government intervention just forces things on us that no one really wants.

If it were truly viable, then the market would rise to the occasion (and to the challenge of making it happen).

No government regulation or subsidy needed.

For example, just think of any Apple product. Like the iPad or the iPhone. Did the government bring those to life, or did business and the entrepreneurial spirit?

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for a handout, they identify an opportunity and then go after it.

They take the risks so that they can reap the rewards.

Are you ready to do the same?

Stop spinning your wheels and start getting the Traction you need to succeed.

Become your own Secretary of Business here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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