Hearing it, but not hearing it.

Got this gem from one of my Bootcamp students:

“Wow I was listening to your cash buyers audio training and thought “You know I really need to write these down and go one by one” and then you had said to make a checklist.

Ive heard this audio before but I didnt *hear it* if that makes sense.

Whats incredible to me is how much im learning just from the past 2 months.

For example the end buyer tried to lowball my offer based on a 3/1 that sold across the street. I said, “You have to look at highest and best use. The comp down the street sold for higher because they added another bed and bath.” He couldnt argue with that.

Knowing how to counter objections is key.”


There’s a reason — a SOLID reason — I tell you to study my materials more than once.

And why I always cover certain topics at each and every Bootcamp.

Because hearing something once isn’t enough.

Humans learn through repetition.

So if you want to get better at something…

Repeat learning it.

Repeat doing it.

That includes learning how to wholesale houses for a profit.

That includes learning how to become a great real estate investor of any flavor.

You need to repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat.

Then a great investor you shall be.

My Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp has repetition built in (as you get to attend for LIFE and I do the event 3 times each year).

The next is on June 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

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