Not following the HEARD

I get why people do it.

But I find it irritating.

I understand the power and influence of following the crowd (the “heard”?) but I also see right through it.


I find it irritating because people lean FAR too heavy on thinking they can only do what others do. And then they’re stuck because most other people do nothing.

Nothing at all.

They spend life just going along to get along.

Never questioning.
Never challenging.
Never even trying.

Avoiding any pain or discomfort even if that means also avoiding reward.

They cling onto horror stories or stories of failure because it then justifies the fact they aren’t doing anything themselves. They’re too scared or failing, so better not to try and prove their fears right.

Or they just believe in “magic”.

Meaning real estate deals or success only come from magic.

Or great luck.

Or timing.

But all this misses the fact of the matter.

The fact is it comes from EFFORT.

And from effort sustained over TIME.

Not magic.
Not luck.
Not thinking you’ll be just like the other person.

In fact, your success won’t match anyone else’s. No matter what anyone tells you.

Because there are just too many variables.

So you will forge your own path.

Find your own level of success.


You actually do it.

Take the action.

Get moving.

And stay consistent and sustain your effort over time.

To do that, you can’t blindly follow the crowd.

Because the crowd just doesn’t get it.

The crowd is wrong.

Therefore you can’t just follow the heard.
(Yes, I’ve been spelling it that way to give it an appropriate double-meaning.)

* You need to forge your own path.
* Filter out the noise.
* Ignore the negative naysayers
* Put the blinders on and laser-focus on the tasks at hand.

Not sure who to follow?

Not sure what to do?

I’ll fix that this week.

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